Ohhh it's Wednesday night

Coz I say it is and I wanna start a thread.

Got a Baguette. Got some chilli kiwi jam.

Put some garlic cloves in olive oil too.

Hbu huns wot bounce u doin

I agreed to be on my gf’s remote work quiz team because everyone else pulled out. Furious at past epimer for signing up to this.

I’ve got until 8 o’clock to discreetly get blind drunk.


Alright tilts. Really stretching the definition of night here m9

Making aubergine katsu, watching my football team probably lose to another football team, then back to work at about 8. Exhilarating!

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Please can we see a picture of this?

Done very little all day. Gonna make some burgers then do very little all night. Lovely.


AGM at 7
AGM at 8


Evening tilty and epimer and tuna and laelfy and funkhouser and 29 and whoever else. Gonna make some halloumi pasta dish, watch some telly/football + play some vidya, maybe Donkey Kong.

Work to do work to do, so much work to do.

My course leader emailed me earlier and said because my video was so excellent he wants to use it on the High Street Task Force website… which might get my name in front of some people I’d like to work with. Got loads of new connection requests on linkedin when I shared it yesterday too. Hopefully work might take notice and realise I’m not a moron and worth having/paying better.

Also who the fuck am I spending so much time on linkedin, eugh


Evening tilty and epimer and tuna and laelfy and funkhouser and 29 and cutthelights and scout

just had some nice brazilian chicken thing

gonna have a walk in a bit, maybe some yoga later.

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Ive had this on some crackers today as a snack.


Ha is it the same stuff as mine!?

Oh also I went to canary wharf to get my bike looked over by Evans (this is the one I put together).

The chain still seems to jump around a bit. Can’t help thinking maybe there’s a reason they have a bad name hahahaha.

I’m a big fan of chilli jam so quite interested in this

Oh wait a minute, ‘chilli death jam’? Hmmm maybe not

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well into this

sucker for kiwi stuff. you ever had kiwi chocolate? wooft

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hi tilty,

I’m ok thanks

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Hope this happens for you. Nothing worse than seeing someone being undervalued.

Ceiling has been plastered… finally. Need to wait for it to dry then someone will come out and paint it. The contractors said I’d also get some money back for all the hassle. How much should I aim for?

Fitting was about £2500, I think.


wtf wheres everyone getting this jam


A fox (the same one?) is sunbathing in the garden. Am I the fox whisperer?