Oi Clean Shirt! - crisp white shirt thread



Where bounce you buying your white shirts from bbz? I’m getting a bit sick of buying cheapy Topman/H&M shirts only to spill some wine down them and then never being able to get the stain out.

TM Lewin’s 4 for 100 sniffs seems like a pretty good deal when you do the maths (100 :heavy_division_sign: 4 = 25).

The shirt is unsurprisingly for a wedding this weekend.


My best white shirt was from Johnny L. My usual shirts are from Charles Tyrhowever you spell it.


Got my wedding shirt from this lot http://www.editsuits.com/

Costs a few notes but it fits me outstandingly.


Ooft! This wedding is on Saturday so I don’t think I’ve got time to book an appointment. Bookmarking these for the future though.


Ah didn’t think about Jonty Lew-bags. Bet you look well intimidating in that shirt @cocodaLOL @xylopwn


Are those adult school discos still going?


Haven’t seen one advertised for a while.


Kenneth Cole / House of Fraser


Only Noone wears white shirts these days. It’s not the 1980s.


Aren’t you wearing one in your profile picture?


I do not own a white shirt


Do you want one of mine? They’re all stained with wine - Matt Berninger


No thank u


No, it’s pale blue.

I don’t think I’ve owned a white shirt since my school days.


Sure it is mate, sure it is.


Wash your eyes out, monkeybollocks.


Looks like your white shirt’s got a bit stained in the wash sapsy.


I see white

Get this photo VIRAL


It’s already viral on Pornhub.


I will be trolled no further.

Just knock one out over the photo and let’s be done with it.