oi cleanshirt

had one of these encounters earlier, kind of

maybe you could share your own experiences with gangs of local children being mean and etc

I, for one, blame the parents, and I also blame Thatcher and Milton Friedman and etc

but yeah, shoot


There’s two near me at the moment that I haven’t encountered but the local Facebook group is talking about. Launching bottles and rocks at people (including a 6 year old kid).

Really dreading seeing them on my walk.

I had stones thrown at me by one bunch of kids a few months back. cycled after them and shouted at them because I just wasn’t in the mood.

theeeen a few days later, some slightly older ones knocked at our door pretending to be the police.

do you reckon it’s gotten worse during the panny d?

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The local youths don’t come swinging for the king cos they know they might miss


*have been warned about the man at number 37


Like we use NUMBERS!

But yea, fair point. There is some legal distance restriction in place

I don’t think so, we’re just around it more.

normally I would stride right through the midst of them, (pretending to) not (be) giving a fuck

have spoken to @andyvine about pretending to be hard, trying to survive growing up in the mean streets as softies

but COVID, so

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it’s worse where I am, defs

like they’ve been emboldened or they have even less to do so they give even less of a fuck

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I’ll keep it light cos I’ve had some horrible run-ins

when Pokemon Go was first released I was at one of my biggest weights and was quite plump and a group of bigger boys (they were maybe 15) pointed at me from across a car park and said ‘look, we found a Snorlax!’ Was pretty funny tbf

Another time my mate Chris was really drunk and managed to offend a ragamuffin in Flames Grill and he walloped him. Chris’s nose started bleeding immediately. My mums was just round the corner so I suggested we go there to get him cleaned up, and as we left the ragamuffin shouted after us and we thought he was chasing us, so we started running. Chris fell over on his face and ended up bleeding loads more and it was so funny, but maybe you had to be there


Was out jogging once and two teenage lads went “oooOooOoOooh, salmon trainers!” at me.

A car full of teenage lads also once shouted “TURD!” at me as some sort of drive by doing but that was really really funny.

Twice in recent weeks I’ve had “GREEEEBBOOOO” shouted at me but that’s just a statement of fact.


those are some horrible children, Jooky

but I think you really had the last laugh, what with the gleeful adult misadventure you would normally be up to


Can’t remember if it was here or irl but someone jumped over a puddle while holding an umbrella on their way to work and a teen shouted ‘singing in the rain cunt’ at him


what the fuck is wrong with salmon trainers?

I was wondering what they would have done if I’d been wearing these:

would they have gone for the trainers instead?

they asked me where the nearest bus stop was, as after I looked and saw them over the road, I looked at a smashed-up bus stop I was passing.

crafty. how did they know I’d react

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Really good diss, tbf


Not that ‘light’ I’m afraid. I was talking to my grandma last night. Apparently for weeks there’s been a gang of kids banging on her garage door at night, and climbing on the roof of her porch.

She’s 93, and I’m 300 miles away.

Not sure what, if anything, I can do.


i think it’s easier in smaller shittier towns, like in radcliffe i can just tell dickhead kids to fuck off and they will coz they’ve just shouted any old shit at you and they don’t expect to be told to fuck off. but when i lived in moss side i got called a sheep shagger and a batty man for having a cymru patch on my jacket and wearing pink shoes respectively. feels a bit different when it’s specific and coming from older teenagers or whatever.

tldr: dickheads gonna dickhead innit


Some kids knocked my wing mirror off my car which I sorta patched up with a load of tape.

They then did it again and I’m not proud of it but I drove after them then pulled over and chased them on foot.
They didn’t do it again after that but it was still really silly of me.


The colour mainly :wink:

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Hope that restrictions are lifted for the summer so I can wear my millennial trout new balances on the long warm park drinking days