oi cleanshirt



I reckon I’ve reached that point now where I would actually find it beneficial to look young so I suddenly look like I’m 50 or something

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The one near where barfly used to be? On the corner by the castle?



Some kids in my area started waving and calling me bossman a while back, likely as a big joke. But they progressed to saying hi, and spudding me when I walk past

  • Long game clean shirt humiliation thing
  • They think I’m someone else

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Spot on. Worked in Capitol Tower on greyfriars road. After that incident it was down to the crossing at the end of Queen st to avoid the underpass.

Still annoyed about this


its annoying because beating up kids isn’t really on

but then again…


Some absolutely deserve to get volleyed.

A week after my best friend died was our friend groups secret santa party. I was in no state to attend a party but my partner still went. I said i’d walk up and pick her up, and maybe have a beer at the end depending how i felt. This was the first night i’d been alone since he died and i had a pretty upsetting evening before heading out to pick her up.

On the walk up got called a wanker and had a load of kids snowballed me in a fairly aggressive manner, which in hindsight was hilarious but at the time it just compounded the misery.

fuckin’ kids

Real M Night stuff in this final sentence

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Can I edit my earlier posts if this is the case

Yours sincerely

L. Power

Was walking through there late one night back when I lived in Cardiff. Heard a gang of drunk lads behind me say “right let’s get him in front”. Most probably just “bants” but I legged it anyway

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probably a good choice.



I’ve been calling grown-up Greebos “Pratchetts” for a while now. I’m still hoping it will catch on

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Apparently this lot are Grebos. They don’t look like they are fans of Neds Atomic Dustbin to me…


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Don’t think i ever heard the tern “greebo” growing up / until today tbh

Heard it a bit but we said gribblies.

When I were a lad this is what it meant.