Oi, what's the best thing you've ever eaten?

A thread brought to you by my increasing afternoon hunger.

Don’t want to get all Seymour Skinner on you but it’s definitely cau lầu - a thin stew made of pork, bean sprouts, coriander, noddles, cau lau chips, lime and chili. It’s very geographically specific to a certain part of Vietnam but it brings back such presh mems* whenever I think about it and I only ate it once. What’re you saying?

*precious memories

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Noboby buys ramekins anymore innit, just get some Gu in.



Probably a chocolate orange soufflé with ginger ice cream at the Castle Terrace restaurant in Edinburgh.


Holy hell :drooling_face:

I had a very much non-vegan sandwich in Florence in October.

From here:


Would recommend. The one I liked best was with some kind of herby sliced pork and some black truffle mayo/smash thing.

Were you have a holiday away from veganism?

Pure flavour skips, you could probably eat 10 packs and still be as hungry as you were before you started

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I have also been to this place and also had the herby sliced pork with artichoke cream and roasted veg. it was amaze

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Once had veal with saffron risotto and it rocked my world.

I always have a non-vegan holidays. (apart form Oslo and NYC)
Non-vegan Lisbon this weekend where i’m long overdue a blow out tbh.

Fish finger sandwich on 23rd April 2006 at 15:45.

smh* meo

*smoked meats, ho!

We found it by complete accident! We were staying on the other side of the river and I just googled a pizza place which was next door to this and SERIOUSLY on the plane out there there was a shitty magazine and there was some chick being interviewed and the question was what is your motto and she said “if you see a queue, get in it. It’ll always be for something good” so we saw the queue whilst walking towards the pizza place next door and then we were like lol remember that silly woman in that magazine lets join this queue LOL

then omg best sandwich i’ve ever had

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:grinning: very specific. Out with it kg, there must be a story behind that.

Either Tom Kerridge’s duck and chips or Michel Roux Jr’s cheese soufflé

there were these short ribs at Smorgasburg in summer 2014, they were good

were there only a few things on the menu
or… was it a veritable smorgasbord?

I don’t think I really enjoy food as much as some of you.