Oi, what's the best thing you've ever eaten?

Aubergine in a clay pot in Hoi An.

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My friend paid for everything when we went to skosh. All of that was good.

peanut lion bars too

i’ve detailed the meal in question here before already and I’m not prepared to do so again on account of being very full atm.

well the thing about smorgasburg is that it’s a lot of food trucks all in one place, so each individual place only had a few things on the menu, but taken as a whole it was very much a veritable smorgasbord, yes

Was this in your AMA?

quite possibly, I can’t remember. i have talked to YOU about this before though.

Hmm. The best things I’ve eaten have all been very simple. Bordering on flavourless.

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I think the best thing I ever ate was a calzone when I was on holiday. Main regret is not just ordering it every night

I think it might be in the ‘show is what you’ve cooked’ thread so I’m just going to assume the best thing you’ve ever eaten is that merry spliffmas homer cake.

It’ll probably have been a portion of chicken pakora at the end of a night out once.


*pimientos de padron.




post predates the steamed hams thing. what a time to be alive.


Fresh pasta tossed in gorgonzola in the Monaco covered market. Cost about £7 and the pasta was made that morning. Monaco was a dump but if I was in the area again I’d go back just for another bowl of that pasta.


their football team plays on top of a car park

That sounds so peng. The simpler pasta is, the better.

Doesn’t surprise me, the only school we saw was in this grim multistorey building, the kids were on break just running around this tiny patch of concrete and the surrounding buildings were too tall to let any light through. Sad!

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