Oily fish

  • trout
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • pilchards
  • kippers
  • eels
  • whitebait
  • mackerel
  • herring
  • tuna
  • ooh and add peas

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Lubricated veg

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salmon is the best fish

end of

Kipper is herring.

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Stitched up like a mackerel. Kippers are cured herrings


Oil be happy to answer any further questions.

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no thank you


Just realised I’ve unconsciously made two threads about salmon in one day, creepy, maybe my body is craving omega3

Mackerel pate is fucking unreal

Smoked Mackerel is the best. My grandmother apparently had great skin her whole life because she always ate oily fish

Can you imagine being at a warm Oceanside Mediterranean restaurant and being served some primo freshly flame grilled sardines with lemon wedges to squeeze over and some lovely wine or beer right now :stuck_out_tongue:


You bastard

  • Eaten jellied eels and enjoyed
  • Eaten jellied eels and did not enjoy
  • Never eaten jellied eels and enjoy that
  • Never eaten jellied eels and do not enjoy that

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Semi-raw herring, served with onions, is a Dutch delicacy

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Late fish

good idea imo