OJ Simpson and other cases: Poll Thread

Use this thread for polls regarding unsolved crimes and other mysteries (please be aware of defamation issues)

  • I think he did it
  • I don’t think he did it, and he was framed by the racist LAPD
  • I am unsure, but the jury were right to acquit him given the evidence they had to go on

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Amanda ‘Foxy Knoxy’ Knox

  • I think she did it
  • She’s too fit to commit murder

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Kate & Jerry McCann

  • They did it
  • They didn’t do it but should’ve caught more flak for their negligence
  • They didn’t do anything bad but exploiting the circumstances for financial gain was a bit iffy
  • They did nothing wrong
  • Dunno

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Technically the fourth option:

I think he did it but I can’t fault the jury’s decision when all is taken into account.

There’s a certain bias to your poll.

Pretty much presenting it as the red tops did.

I thought the red tops presented it as she was too fit to have not done it?


George Zimmerman

  • Murderer
  • Upstanding Watcher of Neighbourhoods

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I think he did it, and having seen the documentary now it’s horrific how brutal the man was. But I can understand why the civil rights activists and lawyers around him saw it as more important to send a message to the systematically racist LAPD than put one man behind bars, as sad as that sounds.
It didn’t work though did it.


Some did I guess. Others went with ‘look at this pretty all-American girl, how could she have done something this terrible?’

Yeah, I guess that’s what I think too. Things from the civil case (like the footprints!) that didn’t seem to be addressed in the criminal case… what the fuck? He should have been so bang to rights, it’s mind boggling what a shit job the police / prosecution did.



  • Shot by Oswald, no one else
  • Shot by Oswald, plus other shooters
  • Shot by CIA lone shooter
  • Shot by CIA multiple shooters
  • Shot by Mafia/CIA lone shooter
  • Shot by Mafia/CIA multiple shooters
  • Shot by Mafia one shooter
  • Shot by Mafia multiple shooter
  • Shot by Russians lone shooter
  • Shot by Russians multiple shooters
  • Oswald not involved at all, and another party not listed above assassinated JFK

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Yeah this is a bit off.

Anyway, after watching the documentary it seemed like she didn’t do it to me.

Preferably I would go with an option of “Don’t know, but those police really fucked it so no conviction”


Also like that juror said: 266 days of solitary confinement, basically? WTAF?

Ah do a proper one mate. Cant vote in this

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Yer man Steven Avery from Making a Murderer

  • Innocent
  • Guilty.
  • Not sure
  • The police and state, etc. were fucking atrocious so probably shouldn’t have been convicted, regardless

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That “If I Did It” thing on Sky, where he basically confesses but with ‘if I did it’ in front of each sentence is possibly the least tasteful thing Murdoch’s ever broadcast.


It’s complicated…

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I was merely being flippant. I’ve closed it down.