OJ Simpson: Made in America

OJ Made in America is now on iPlayer


Had it sat on my hard drive for ages now, need to get going with it

Just watched the first hour on lunch, very very good so far.

it’s really really good

We’ve just finished the first part of this on iPlayer. There are only about 10 days left to catch it all on iPlayer.

Thought it deserved its own thread so I’ve nabbed this little bit from the 2017 film discussion and put it into its own thread.

7.5 hours is a lot but there’s an incredible amount of detail in it.

(I still found myself laughing at the Nordberg scene on the boat from Naked Gun when they played it :expressionless: )

It’s totally great and there was so much I didn’t know about before, given I was a bit too young at the time.

Also highlights how good some of the casting decisions were for The People Vs OJ too (well, Cuba Gooding Jr aside…)

Same. It is hilarious tho

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Yeah, I hadn’t realised how many other really significant LAPD racist incidents had gone down in LA prior to Rodney King. I also had no recollection of that shooting of that teenager by the woman in the store. What the hell?!

Also, I wonder if those ex-cops watched it back and got any better sense of perspective RE:racism? (Obviously not.)

I was gratified how Ship clearly totally changed his attitude to OJ after discovering he was a wifebeater.

It’s an extraordinary account.

You feel sorry for the prosecution until you remember their colossal incompetence and hubris. And that they had to rely on the evidence of the absolute poster boy for LAPD racism.

Johnny Cochrane’s ‘Hitler’ summing up still makes my blood boil.

The film is excellent on what happened next- how once OJ had played the race card, he couldn’t unplay it and all his white pals deserted him.

Also - the civil trial. How fucking arrogant he was because he thought he’d either get off or get hit with a token fine.

And of course how he got done for 33 years on a bullshit and stupid robbery that would normally have barely carried any jail time at all.

Working my way through this, it’s great. Never realised how horrific the murders were. And boy, did the LAPD and the prosecution fuck up their case big time.

Got really pissed off when one of the jurors they interviewed said she had no respect for any woman who ‘lets’ her partner assault her.

It’s a masterpiece, finished it a couple of weeks back and would urge anyone to watch it.