Oj simpson parole granted

I get that, but equally there is something a bit off about giving a really wonky trial for double murder the glamour that gets attached to it with phrases like ‘Trial of the century!!’. It’s not the Superbowl.

Yes, he was one of the greatest players of all time.

And he WAS an icon, a guy who’d gone from being a sporting legend to being a Hollywood darling, on dozens of commercials, in the news all the time - all of which was unheard of for a black person.


Yeah, it’s grotesque, like all this explosion in true crime stuff it glamorises the crime at the expense of the victims, but in terms of how the trial was covered and it’s cultural impact… it WAS the trial of the century.

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fair enough - I only knew him as Nordberg

I could list all his various stats but they’re kind of incomprehensible unless you follow it. Trust me, dude could run.

dude could get dragged by a bus too!

He was one of the best players (in his position) of his generation, so…yes


Watch the fucking film!


Man, I’ve just been thinking about it all morning and laughing! Gotta dig out the DVD…Boo dude!

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