OK Computer Week on Pitchfork


It feels ironic that this Content is Brought To You By Mailchimp.


good enough reason to listen to this album though.


As if I ever need a reason!!!

(Been revisiting a lot of Radiohead albums this past week as I’m getting increasingly excited about Glastonbury.)


not really listened to or thought about this record in ages, listening now what I’d forgotten was the big soaring moments and how nice thom’s singing is. Feels like being about 15 again.


mail… kimp?

Still my GOAT so will no doubt lap up all the vacuous writing.


"From the beginning, my goal was to make an album that would get us all sent to jail for the rest of our lives."


oh my god it’s 20 years old fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


where’s the ham-fisted satire thread again?


good album, does it really require a whole week though?


probably took longer than that to make it


As far as I’m concerned, yes.

So long as they don’t get Meredith Graves to interview her dad about it or something.


Good God, I forgot about that article. AWFUL


i think ok computer is my favourite album of all time… boring and predictable, but i couldn’t live without it


I feel the same. I sometimes like to pretend that my favourite album’s Geogaddi by Boards of Canada, but I’m lying to myself.


It’s my all-time favourite. A wonderful thing. I’d thoroughly enjoy a week of stuff about it, although I’m sure I can’t learn anything new about it at this point, and Pitchfork are shit aren’t they?


It’s a good album with some songs, no denying that.





  • It’s a good album
  • It’s THE album
  • Shit album
  • Never heard it (the album)

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I want to go for shit album and never heard it