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That is not a shit album.

There were at least two followups too!

State of this


Where in the world, ok computer.


Just looked into this and apparently it was released 20 years ago tomorrow… in Japan. Didn’t come out in the UK until June '97. Didn’t know that was a thing?

Decent album, proper tunes…

I cannot - and will never be able to - decouple this album from the memory I have of Diana’s funeral

I’ll explain;
My then-recent ex (who I was still kind of sleeping with) had a house-sitting gig in a big fancy townhouse in Clifton, Bristol which became basically a two-week student stoner party with the big funeral on the middle weekend

Early on that Saturday morning our mate Rob turned up with a fresh, sealed CD of OK,C and stuck it on what was an absolutely kick-ass Bang & Olufson system this house owner had installed in their attic den/home cinema room

funeral was on the telly on mute all day, OK,C was on the hi-fi LOUD & on repeat all weekend, we were all terribly high by lunchtime

never listened to OK,C since


Was there Airbag jokes? Please tell me there were Airbag jokes.

all the airbag jokes you could ever need … and then some

21st MAY in Japan.

However I’m a bit unsure this is right. I mean I was home from University and Glastonbury was supposedly therefore less than 10 days after the album came out. I don’t think I’d learned the whole album so well by then but then… Fuck, weird. I was sure it came out while I was at Uni but I guess it was the next term…

Local record shop sold it to me on CD on the Saturday before its release date. Got it home, played it from start to finish, did nothing else but listen and was bowled over by it. Few albums have had quite that same first-listen impact. Otherworldly brilliance.

Felt strangely smug that I’d bought the Bends, while my housemates all bought Elastica on the same day in 95. Fools.

The most overrated album from probably the most overrated band.
It IS a good album, and it’s got a few decent singles on too, but that is the actual extent of it.


I liked the Bends.

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what’s a good album ruffers?

He just said it was good.

OK Computer is the GOAT



Elastica is a good album! It just turned 22. Happy birthday, Elastica.

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Interested in what you mean by overrated here. Can a band who have had the influence that Radiohead clearly have, whether you like them or not, really be called overrated?

Presumably it took 15 years and a pledgemusic campaign to release the follow up compilation, The Album 2

ctrl+f kanye :white_check_mark:
ctrl+f beyonce :white_check_mark:
ctrl+f rihanna :white_check_mark:
ctrl+f [any band or artist that was actually influenced by radiohead] :negative_squared_cross_mark:

a big chunk of this is Why Pitchfork Love Chart R&B: the Radiohead Edition!