Ok detectives what happened here?

I just went into my garden to get the bins, noticed the back gate was open and there was a fresh steaming pile of dog shit in the middle of my garden. Further up towards the back another pile of dog shit.

Am I right in assuming that my neighbour has let themselves into my back garden to let their dogs take a shit?

I’m baffled, this doesn’t seem like something that happens

Could be fox shit?

I’m fairly sure theirs is different, this was too large and round for that

Do you know the breed of dog that your neighbour has?

Can foxes open gates?

Think you’re going to have to dust the dog shit for prints.

I think foxes can jump over gates


the gate was open and we all know that Bammers would never leave it open


Early Barry Manilow lyrics


Can this be real??

loud and annoying one, not sure of the breed. I think it’s like Labrador sized though.

I’m going to bar the gate with a garden chair from now on, don’t mind the poop so much as the thought that somebody is just randomly letting themselves into my garden whilst I am asleep

Is there any chance it’s human poo? I’m not sure I know how to find out or would really want you to.

Humans can be a bit rank sometimes.

oh god

One of the people you annoyed in the “Ban Request” thread?


I guess if it had sweetcorn in it you could probably say that it was human (or maybe carp)

They can certainly clear a lazy dog, so I’ve read.


Shitting in Banmans garden? PRETTY TORY.

is it safe to sort through the poop with gloves on?

did you maybe get into a conversation recently with your neighbour about their holiday plans?

Dunno, @epimer?