ok if you don't like sport post here and let me know

Any joke answers or people advocating for sport will get muted.


My dog’s got no nose.
How does it smell?
It smells of petanque.



I like sport but find talking about it for more than 10 minutes at a time a bit of a chore.

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I don’t feel you are advocating for sport here so you’re ok

Sometimes knowing about sport helps me use enough words to turn standing awkwardly into standing awkwardly and talking about sport.

Soz bam. Love certain types of sport.

Yay sports!
Go team!
Hate sports, so boring.
Used to quite enjoy playing team sports but as the spatially unaware chubby kid I was crap at them.
What I do love though is seeing people happy and celebrating so when sport illicits that reaction it’s really wonderful.
Also recognise how sport cam be a force for good in terms of community etc

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I dont like sports


Yup handy when the weather isn’t pulling its weight.

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i love football and snooker

don’t mind tennis

love watching the marble olympics on youtube

mute me please

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no problem, muted

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I don’t like cricket

actually I do like it quite a lot

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Oh Lords

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I could probably take it or leave it

what about sports entertainment, juke

thing I dont get about sports is why support one team, why think they are better and should win? kind of understandable back when there was more of a local connection between the place and team, but even so why think your town is better than others. worst is national, why is it ok to support england, arguably one of the worst countries, putting up flags on your windows that will make others feel unsafe. why is winning even good anyway

if people really want to play sports they should be creative and make up their own sports instead of pretending to be jonny famous ladface and wearing a shirt with his name on it