ok if you don't like sport post here and let me know

because people’s dads and uncles supported something and people still can’t get out from under the idea that their family are better than other people

sometimes I read books about sports. centrist LAD


yeah, probably I’m lucky that my dad died so I didn’t have to support a stupid sports team

Actually, that makes you a nerd not a lad, sorry.

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nerds are terrible too

To me getting healthy by sport is more fun than getting healthy by jumping up or down or running on a treadmill. I don’t do any of those things though. Maybe the sports with goals should also add judges like in robot wars to mark the teams on other criteria - best trick etc.


Healthiest looking hair.


This week further confirmed my already strong belief that, for all the flaws in the administration and some of the culture around it, football is the absolute best thing ever


Joe Hart wins that

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Sports are fine for other people.

Tightest top knot


well sports are all about being better than other people and dominating them and being praised for that. This is why you should just make up your own game and challenge that nobody else is participating in to motivate yourself to exercise

did you like it? it’s been on my to read list for a while

bam you’re by far the most judgmental person on these boards right now and I suggest you take a break and come back when you’re not bursting at the seams with anger. you’re doing nobody any good.


I own two basketball vests.

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That’s a good idea. I used to like kicking the football against the house. The aim was to not break any windows. keeping balloons in the air as long as I could was my other favourite sport.

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Have you heard of music? Food? Books?

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I never broke a window so I guess I won.

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I like all of those things but football is my absolute favourite thing