OK, I'll start the Tuesday thread

Warm out, eh?

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I’m tired.

Cool(er) and cloudy, actually. Nice and refreshing.

Morning rob et al!

We had a slightly impromptu sleepover to support Wor Lass’s Serbian friend who is filling out a passport(?) application. No huge incidents save her son talking in an annoying gap-yah accent non-stop and not being entirely toilet trained at five.

It isn’t sunny at all here and might get up to 18 degrees.

I’m going to work through some things on my list of jobs and maybe go out for a coffee.

Feeling ropey again. Daughter has a stay and play orientation morning at her new school, without a parent :scream:. Drop her off afterwards at nursery and then go back to bed. 3-11 shift tonight :upside_down_face:

still ill :woman_shrugging:

I am by the seaside for 10 days. Awake since 6. Seagull twats.

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Bit cooler here this morning thank goodness.

Shattered from a poor night of broken sleep, so hopint cooler weather helps baby tonight :pray:

Off to mother in laws for lunch. First I need to go the post office.

Cool and raining here for a change

Worst day of the week, fuck off Tuesday. There’s some journalist or other coming for a look round later. Making burritos later and we’re doing a cold case true crime game thing I bought off Etsy, so not all bad.

Morning to the gang gang.
Spending a day trying to figure out how to complete 8 weeks worth of work in 4 weeks, obviously completely impossible but i’ve got to show willing.
Might go out for a nice lunch somewhere, need to get an early night tonight as i’ve gotta be in ipswich at 9.30 tomorrow morning. Going with a colleague who’s gonna drive but i’m convinced he’s gonna say he’s got covid so i’ll have to drive myself which i can’t really be arsed doing.

Morning :wave:

Am on my way to Bury St Edmunds. Not much more to add, but I do prefer a Greater Anglia train to a Great Northern one. Nice seats and a smoother ride.

Was it me? I feel that i might have been dream defamed last night, bit fuzzy and that.

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Disappointing for me but big for IoS, might get a sweet sweet dream cash payout to spend while they sleep.

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Pissing rain here. Had to drop up milk, teabags and paracetamol to by Covid stricken brother before I started work.

Going to do fuck all in work. Just have no energy for any of this.

This post paid for by PROF$.

Morning all

Been up and about for a pre work constitutional, pleased with myself for that because I’ve been out of the habit for a while. Rewarded myself with some sausage and hash browns and mushrooms for bfast

Walked for like 7 hours yesterday: fine.

Just did the school run: got two blisters.

Work, ukelele performance, work, write and learn new tour tonight for tomorrow morning :grimacing:

Why must the sun forsake me just when I’m ready to return to the living world

Think I’m taking a last recovery day and will actually try going for a little walk to see how the lungs are doing. Will try to be good and do some #lifeadmin too, to justify not working and balance our all the daytime tv hours

What’s up milk?
Nothing milk