Ok I'm biting


What does ATD stand for in the context of this forum? I cannot work it out.

Google gave me this:


All time dog.


Thank you. My suffering is over.



The old forums were so much better in a nasty type of way. Love it




All Tomorrow’s Darties :dart:


I guess it’s “entertaining” when you’re not the target of the nastiness and can just blithely assume that the people who are are just imaginary internet entities rather than real people.

Must be nice living in that world.


I’d forgotten just how much silky wound up certain DiSers a few years ago. I miss him.


nah. they were generally just full of people being increasingly odd with each other. If you really liked watching people arguing then they were great i guess? The overall mood on that board, though, was a weird one. It’s happy here.

edit: obviously some fantastic moments. and we could do with more personal filth threads without doubt.


It wasn’t nasty in the way that reddit gets to be just awful but more of a biting comedy aspect of the whole thing. The best part about Dis is that you by and large avoid the stupidity of larger platforms with their hiveminds and bigotry

Basically what @xylo said


I really can’t agree with that. Again that weird detached internet voyeur thing of assuming that it’s all just an abstraction and not a thing about actual real people. Unless it’s a story about wanking, the story is going to involve other people, and frankly the lot of you don’t have the sensitivity, writing skills or ability to put yourselves in other people’s shoes to do that kind of thing without massively invading the other people in the story’s privacy.


Again nice you can be so detached. Must be nice to never have to bother to put yourselves in other people’s shoes.


Gonna breeze past ‘the lot of you’ as i fully understand why you’re angry about the conversation. But I meant entirely from a solo perspective. Vibrating toothbrushes feeling good on the penis etc are literally threads we’ve had here, to much amusement.

Plus, to my knowledge, the sort of shit that people were candidly being cunts talking about on board 1.0 haven’t manifested here. Maybe it has and been modded out fast though so i could be talking shit


Dis doesn’t have the detachment of other platforms like reddit, i think the community is pretty good at policing and culling people who are being horrid.


this is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder why I bother to try to carve out any space for myself and other women here.

Just the continual exhausting emotional labour of having to explain again and again in very basic broken down terms very basic aspects of being a decent human being and having any empathy or thought for others.

You’ve already lost the excellent company of @penoid for those very reasons and it’s just exhausting me too.


Ah I see I’m all wrong and you can put me right as you are a sensible person not corrupted by any personal feelings about this stuff.

Why do I bother.




Fuck off with your stupid smug little in jokes.


That’s the thing. People like me and @DarwinBabe and @penoid and others have put massive amounts of effort and work basically talking people round to not being pricks and it increasingly feels like painting the Forth Bridge.