OK. Maybe strange, boring electric plug question.

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

In my storage locker I have an old tape deck. At the time I used it, I also used decks/mixer/amp all set up. So I bought a very useful 4 way adaptor/extension. You plugged one end into the wall and it gave you a lead and 4 very small sockets. You replaced the normal plug on your electrical items, then put them in this thing. A slight faff, but it saved a fair bit of room to be honest.

Now, someone wants to borrow the tape deck. I know where it is. However, I have no idea where the socket thing is. So I was hoping to buy another from somewhere.

Problem is, I can’t remember the name, where I got it and searching for mini-plug and variations draws a blank. So, I have drawn a picture to try and see if anyone had one and can help? I just need to know what it might be called to see if they are still sold.

I’m about to go out for a long walk, so if I don’t respond I’m not being rude. I supposed I could put a normal plug back on the tape deck, but I can’t be bothered. :slight_smile:

Where is the picture?


Have texted my dad, he has one of those

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Strong dad area of expertise, this

He’s had it since 1978




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Looks like an Italian type L socket

Oooh. That is very close but the holes are horizontal and all circular. Thanks.

So close yet so far

I found mention of those in Google searches but couldn’t find examples of real ones.

If all else fails I will try that.

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Ooooh. Now this is the closest so far…

if you can’t find it, then it might be in here…


Couldn’t find anything in there, but found it strangely interesting. Got to the locker and thankfully the plug has Conblock written on it. So I can find pictures of them. But just need to find one being sold now.