Ok so I just went outside and there was a hubcap in my front garden

what am I going to do?

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I brought it in and my mum was like “throw that back outside somebody might want it back”

Feels illegal to do that though, just leave something out on the street


you going to the co-op later?


Loving this thread so far


nah, too many times lately I’ve been served by the girl that absolutely hates me for some reason. It’s so damn embarrassing to be buying sour cream and chive pringles and a four pack of cider and being silently judged.

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fuck man, sorry to hear that.

At the end of the transaction I’ll give a hopeful “cheers” and she won’t respond, then she’s chatting away to the old lady next in line. Feel like a total waste of space. Bring back the really nerdy guy who is overly formulaic and always asks me if I want a receipt even though I never do.


Need to start buying family snacks and pretending I’m a big old family man, so obviously a depressing night on your own with 4 cans and some pringles. If I buy wine people might think I have a date or something, nobody would buy wine for themselves after all

You’ll need to get a car to put it on.

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I mean, I got a loaf of bread, a 4 pack and a bottle of beer from work earlier. Nothing says sad dad than that


yeah I’m probably reading too much into it

I imagine the owner might be getting alloyed.

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update: I put it back on the street


Maybe she finds you attractive and that’s why she’s not friendly.

When I fancy someone I tend to be super awkward with them.

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No way, this is more apathy/contempt than awkward.

Maybe she just really hates working at the co-op which I can understand, I’d love to just go through the self-service but if you do that with booze you’re making more trouble for the staff.

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just heard a car door what if they’ve come for the hubcap!

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Bring the hubcap to the co-op and ask said cashier if she knows anyone who might have lost one.


would you like a hubcap Neil?

No thanks, have to many as is.

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Take it back inside