Ok so in a future with time travel

chill out John Cleese in the film ‘Clockwise’

how are there so many films?!

If you think about it, a future with time travel is the same as a past and a present with time travel.

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MGM invented a time machine so they could go back in time to have enough time to make the films

its pretty simple

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kind of an interesting discussion I tried to have about the nature of culpability though wasn’t it?

I’d like to have engaged with it but unfortunately as there’s no such thing as free will it’s ultimately out of my hands. Sorry.


If there’s no free will is god just playing himself at Netrunner all the time?

I’d go forward to 5pm. right lads???

not much has changed but they live underwater


I’d prefer the extra two and a half hours to get the work done that I have to get done today, tbh.

That’s fair.


Just make sure to get the Sports Almanac back from Trump so he can get back to washing the Clinton’s car in the ‘best’ timeline.

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I find time travel a very complicated and confusing concept, so I just take it one day at a time.


I believe the person who travelled through time would be the one in trouble. Most likely with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Puts on my #makeuthink hat
Regardless of there being a crime or not though being able to view multiple times lines and potential outcomes though is more like viewing the multiverse than time travel. Perhaps this is what time travel into the future actually is (multiverse travel) since we are able to affect the future in lots of different ways at any time whereas the past is fixed.

i’ll probably go back to where we had the internet but it wasn’t super fast and stupid and it was only for nerds NOT for phones

so maybe 2006


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If I had access to a a time machine right now I’d go back to when Ribena was still nice so I could have a nice hot Beena for this cold

it’s the same as it ever was man