Ok there's too many threads now for today

Nobody can make any more until this evening, give everybody a fair shot at getting heard ok?

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I love it when there are loads of new threads though, it’s exciting, it’s like going to your local convenience store and they’ve decided to actually stock a new type of something or other


don’t you worry they might be drowning out some of the more important ones though?

also what if somebody is like “oh boy I have a great thread everyone’s going to love me” and they’ve been looking forward to it all week and then I shit out two or three pointless threads and break their heart.

Every thread is sacred

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maybe I’m finally coming around to parsefone’s idea of isolating me onto my own sub-board

wow Balonz is getting in on the action now too!

Must be something in the water

To be fair I’ve never really been afraid of starting a thread or two… plus mine is broaching a subject that is very close to my heart.

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It’s no judgement on the quality of your thread, I wish it luck

Every thread is important to form the glorious fabric of DiS.

Three absolute doozies as well