Okay, Fine. You asked for it! WEDNESDAY thread

Hay there, folks.

Pulling into Watford Junction for my train change. Three minutes to get to Platform 8.

Man opposite just got up and did some touching his toes stretches.

Have some managerial stoicism to do this morning in the midst of employee emotion. Aside from that, no idea.

Go on, fill your boots.

Alright he_2

Day off tomorrow. Just have to get through today without any incidents. Judging by the rest of the week so far, there’s a slim chance that could happen. Going to have some beers tonight and cook up a nice dinner.

Good luck staying strong today

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Thanks, man.

Hope your day goes without hitch and you can sail freely into your day off.


Morning he_2, rich, subsequent contributors

Got my day ‘off’ today. Want to get some things done, read a bit and work on a project… so I will probably take too long getting the shopping, have too long a nap when I get back and R’s dad will drop him hime a couple of hours early. Nusuth.

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I’m ill - spent the hours between 11.00-3.30 last night shivering and now my body aches. My throat is swollen. No work for me today.

Cba m9s

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Morning all,

I can’t really remember what happened but somehow my wife managed to clobber me one round the head at about half one this morning. After that, I had rather wild night of dreaming. the two are definitely related. At one point I bought two different types of bullets, despite not owning a gun. don’t worry though, I managed to find a gun and not use it.

Managed to find an excuse to email one of the directors at just gone 7 this morning, The outcome of which, I bet, is that they set up a meeting for me to train a load of people on Monday. Got a progress meeting in a few hours, where I’ll have to explain that I’ve made very little progress because it’s been month end and i don’t progress things then. fun.

Getting my car MOT’d today. It was already going to be logistically tricky, but now they (not sure who “they” are, it’s not important) have managed to fuck up some temporary traffic light timing so badly that there’s 10 car queues in all directions already. The knock-on effects were so bad that people couldn’t get out of a village a mile and a half away because the only road put south was gridlocked. Incredible.

Other than that, nothing to report.

It always baffles me why they (probably the same “they”) decide to begin emergency repairs on a Monday morning at 7am snarling up the traffic completely. Last week on the school run getting out of the estate into a mile and a half of traffic because of temporary traffic lights which were gone by tea-time - why not do it over the weekend, lads?

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Morning. Today is mushroom sausage day as I have a packet of 6 to use today. First up a sausage sandwich for breakfast.

Got sausage, sweet potato mash and beans for dinner but lunch is as yet undecided.

Been looking forward to this day


Certain areas of Scotland pronounce J like Jye? wtf

I pronounce it jye if I’m singing the alphabet but jay if I’m spelling a word


Dude behind me reversed his car into a tree. He’s earnestly telling anyone and everyone who’ll listen all about it in great detail.

“Well, you know, that split second really can change lives…”

FO,M! You’ve clipped a tree and now you’ve got a Fiat Panda as a courtesy car. Not exactly seismic, is it?


Morning all. Short day today as I’m doing school drop off and pick up. Got loads of work to do, but as I only have 2 months left CBA levels are steadily rising. Really need to finish up some writing, but I just keep opening the document and staring at it :confused:

My colleague turned into full-on Gareth Keenan when my boss was at a train station where someone had a large knife (gang related, wasn’t actually threatening anyone with it but armed police turned up). Never seen him so excited, telling my boss to get away from the station and take five minutes to himself to take in what had happened, implying that the station will be closed for the rest of the day, the police will not be afraid to shoot to kill. Comical.

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This new job… honestly, I feel like George Costanza at The Yankees


Dog very nearly caught a deer. I’m covered in mud. I am not sleeping. Fuck this week so much.


What a guy!

There’s probably a thread in ‘Colleagues who take themselves a bit too seriously’ but I cba to make it.