Okay, i'm allowing people to sleep with a window open from tonight onwards...

You’re welcome.

Been on this wagon since early March lads. Pre-'rona

Would just be listening to sirens and weird cunts all night

Basically always sleep with a window open. It’s probably my most dubious badge of honour of all.

No lying, please, mate.

Back when I could open my windows,every night was windows open night. Feel like I’m suffocating when they’re shut.

Already two weeks deep in this

When my old housemate moved out I considered swapping my bedroom at the front of the house with his old room at the back, but realised that on balance the sirens and pissheads would be less annoying than the house at the back’s wind-chimes.

You southerners can’t hack a bit of cold.


Wish I could do this but can’t stand insects getting in so it’s not an option. Too hot to sleep now though so think I’ll go plug the tower fan back in.

But it’s been hot for days and it’ll turn cold before the week’s over. No, this is all too late.

It’s still winter here :woman_shrugging:

Its 11 degrees right now.

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thirteen heckin degrees here


Had a window open all month

Damnit, wish I’d read this about 10 hours ago.

Have my bedroom window at least cracked open all year round because I’m really a very spiritual person

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Last night my neighbours were having was sounded like a Zoom reggaeton party with a very loud MC, despite multiple other flats screaming at them from midnight onwards they didn’t do anything, I wish they would’ve closed their fucking windows.

Did this and just got woken by the bin men.