Okay, okay, tell me a good sunday night espionage film

I’ve seen quite a few, like, but shoot…

Spy w Melissa McCarthy and Jason statham. Enjoy!

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That’s what I’m watching tonight

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That new one with tom hanks in east Germany was quite good.


Another vote for The Conversation.

Seen all these, lads…

Elite squad is kind of espionagey, and I really enjoyed that.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a favourite of mine but it’s only just espionage.

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True Lies! Even if it lacks…er…subtlety!

James Bond

Lives of Others if you’re one of the four people on Earth who hasn’t seen it already. Otherwise Eye of the Needle hasn’t been mentioned yet and has big Donald Sutherland at his best. Was reminded by there being a new Kathryn Bigelow film on the horizon just how good Zero Dark Thirty was as well.



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