Okay seriously how do I find a nice flat in London

Studios and 1-beds and that. Did you just look on spareroom and find something? Or is there another place that’s better. Did you use an agency? Is that the only way to get a nice place these days in London?

Massively fucking cba, literally not found a single place where I’m like 'yeah there is nothing wrong with this place and it is priced reasonably I would like to live here".

1-bed flats charging £1,300 per month, a six-week deposit and £200 + £65 pp agency fees fuck offfffffffffffff.

Quite easily but finding one where youre not being absolutely fleeced is the question

this is compounded by the fact that I might significantly increase my salary within a month and a half but I’m moving at the start of February and won’t know for sure by that time. Eurgh.


basically check all the ones like spareroom where you might be lucky and find something good, go to a lettings agent as a last resort and get fleeced

that’s it

Open Rent don’t charge fees, saw some nice ones when we were looking but they all went super quickly.

people keep telling me this site is good but it seemed kinda sketchy when i briefly looked into it. everything seemed to be done by automated phone calls :confused:

It was fine from our v limited experience, it’s just a market place type thing a bit like spareroom. We emailed everyone and they called back or texted to arrange viewings, then all money things would’ve been dealt with direct with landlord (we went through letting agent in the end though).

Think the automated phone call thing is just like how if you call the numbers on Zoopla or Right Move it goes through their website first, but I could have got that wrong?

Where abouts you looking pal?

South/south east but not too far out (like, preferably not Crystal Palace sort of way).

Where dyou live jb

Any commuting requirements or owt?

one of us goes to catford, the other the centre (will probably move jobs soon so who knows really, but access to victoria is reasonably important. Like <45 minute commute I guess).

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Victoria is a bit of a pain from SE, think there are trains there from New Cross Gate/Peckham/Dulwich areas though. The flat we moved out of in New Cross was just under a grand a month rent when we first looked at it and was up to 1150 by the time we moved out but there will be (relatively) affordable options there which should suit both of you.

Ive used Open Rent before, found it really good

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tbf I’m looking on it now and the properties are massively better than the ones on spareroom


Its a really smooth process to actually get the place too

Our two bed flat was 1167/month in Forest Hill. No fees, one month deposit, direct with landlord via Gumtree. It was a massive ballache to find it back in 2013 though :cry:

(more of a case for New Cross tbh, overground into Canada Water and Jubilee is a well trodden route)

Are you guys looking specifically for somewhere on your own?

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