Okay seriously how do I find a nice flat in London

Lovely typo.

The agents we used were called Cannon Kaller and were fucking useless but they were taken over by Keaton’s during our tenancy who were a lot more competent. They’re based on Deptford High Street and “not useless” is about as high a bit of praise as I’ll give a letting agents frankly.

Reckon you should be able to get somewhere for £1000 a month or less in New Cross which, whilst obviously stupid money, is a hell of a lot more affordable than many other places that won’t be as convenient for both of you.

I think what we’re all saying is you’re looking in all the right places it’s just that demand outstrips available housing :disappointed_relieved:

It really sucks. I remember viewing flats when we were looking and ringing up agents to say we’d take it but it had already gone like an hour after viewing. It’s ridiculous.


Sure but how did you find that 2 bed

Not sure how many are about but it’s worth keeping an eye on sharetobuy.com who have affordable rent scheme properties come up every now and then. Not sure what the scheme required in terms of deposit etc but the whole point is to make it easier than standard letting agents.


Yeah we just found ours on Gumtree. The only pic of it was the outside. It was being refurbished when we saw it so we just took a chance. Paid off. Landlord was good (as good as a landlord can be), no fees, 1 month deposit, fixed everything that ever went wrong within a day and would have fit a cat flap for us! It was also a lovely flat. @anon82218317 do you want me to message him and ask if he has anything available? Think he had more than one flat.




Just checked and the scheme required one month’s rent as deposit rather than the usual six weeks and I believe there is a legal requirement for housing associations to provide a number of properties to the scheme so probably worth looking at Peabody, Southern Housing, Family Mosaic etc and the developments they have in SE.


Emailed. Will let you know any outcome.

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I’ve not rented a flat through Open Rent but looked at a couple of places and they were great - even once I asked about a property and open rent contacted me to warn me that it was a scam that they had removed, not to respond to anyone saying they were the landlord.

Ah, Catford. Memories!

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A million years

You any good at stone masonry? I’m thinking of adding a wing to my 1830s stone cottage and a few nicely positioned gargoyles wouldn’t go amiss.


if you can find people who want my drawings I will give you 50%


I’ll pay you ££€€€¥¥¥ if you help me find a job in Brussels

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This reminds me of a chat I had with some “Leave London!” guy who said “I can hop on my bike, and within 20 minutes I can be an what used to be an old burial ground”.

Oh, mate. Wiiiiicked.


Nowt special about that… I could hop on my bike and within 15 minutes be on what is STILL a burial ground.


Zoopla/Rightmove. Have a look at properties for rent in a certain area there. Find out local estate agents’ details that way. Go on their websites/call them. This remains the best way. Not all letting agents/landlords charge big fees and not all letting agents/landlords ask for more than a month’s deposit.

(I know you know London and all that but Canning Town/West Ham would be a good place to look for cheaper rents. Jubilee Line for Green Park and DLR to Lewisham/Jubilee to London Bridge for Catford).

Yeah, I’m good. Just amusing myself.