okay so this is a specific thread for recommending or talking about curtains

I’d like some new curtains, and I’d like to know about your curtains, and curtains you’ve looked at

I like nature colours - think deep dark greens, golden browns.

also I want some that are not entirely opaque, but mostly.

okay, print it, that’s the OP

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where’s the curtains chat?

it’s not here yet, but this is where you’d expect it to be

Curtains, Lamps, Knitting? Have I mistakenly hit the Saga boards?!

this is the left-wing Saga equivalent

now tell me about your curtains, please

I don’t have any sorry.

all that light just coming into your house without invitation?

that sounds a bit much for me

Blinds my friend, blinds. Not my choice. rented place. Oh I have a shower curtain actually.

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I don’t know what I want from curtains. I’ve never had to buy any, but whenever I pay any attention to them I don’t like any curtains, but once they’re there, they’re usually fine. I like wooden blinds, but they’re not so useful in the true north.

is blinds chat permitted or is this thread #StrictlyCurtains?

Any beef in this thread yet?

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blinds chat is permitted - change my mind about blinds

there’s an anti-conflict field in place; feelings of ire are gently forgotten and replaced with the calm emptiness of pre-internet Sunday afternoons.

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I think @anon67149139 meant the other type of beef curtains :see_no_evil:

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Where are these curtains? Ground floor / living room or top floor / bedroom? Cos different curtains for different needs.

see, the things over a window are very important to me

blinds feel a bit rigid, angular

also, they clank about in the breeze

whereas curtains ripple softly

these are for my bedroom, which is on a first floor

live on a high street and have some crappy thin white curtains that face out to the main road. thinking about getting some fuck off blackout curtains but the windows are massive and i would need quite a lot. if anyone happens to come into any that have fallen off of a truck or whatever hmu.



I mean, I’m not feeling remotely Thursday

this is an asexual thread

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I’d go for something pretty thick then. Stop nosey parkers and keep the light out come nap time.

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not sure I can change your mind on them, nor that I should, I just want to get some blinds for our from windows. Thing is, one section of the windows would work better as an inside mount, but the other two sections have handles that would prevent anything other than ceiling mount, and I feel the two sections might clash.:confounded: