Okkervil River album poll

in anticipation of tomorrow’s release, might as well

  • Don’t Fall in Love with Everyone You See
  • Down the River of Golden Dreams
  • Black Sheep Boy
  • The Stage Names
  • The Stand Ins
  • I Am Very Far
  • The Silver Gymnasium

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Yeah it’s BSB. Probably a thread to be made of bands with large, consistently really discographies who have an obviously best album (Okkervil River, Wilco, Phoenix, DOOM, dunno)

oh i voted stage names. black sheep boy’s good but think it’s a bit overrated (maybe cos it’s a concept album + cool artwork), also annoys me that the title track sounds so ugly compared to the original

Only own I Am Very Far but have listened to some of the others (apart from first two and new one). Always found them a bit hit and miss, a handful of really good songs and then the rest is nice but forgettable.

Finally listened to Black Sheep Boy for the first time today though and on first impression it seemed a lot more consistent and all round enjoyable than the others I’ve heard.

The Valley is still their best song mind. Might vote IAVF anyway seeing as no one else will.

Had the new one for a month - it’s second only to BSB, and it runs it close

The new one’s absolutely brilliant innit. Seeing them for the first time in November (Manchester).

Comes Indiana Through The Smoke makes me go all weird every time.

I love Down the River of Golden Dreams. Just has a really nice atmosphere throughout, also great songs.
But to be honest I like pretty much all of them (although wasn’t that keen on I Am Very Far).

Can’t wait to hear the new one.

Yeah it’s Black Sheep Boy, thought this would be even more of a landslide than it is.

They’ve not done a weak album though. Down The River would be my second favourite, it’s all kind of golden and soft-focus and gorgeous. The Silver Gymnasium is massively underrated too, I go back to that one probably more than I go back to Stage Names these days.

So excited to hear the new one, based on the reviews it’s been getting.

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