Okkervil River


Cool. Great band.

Liked Away, but didn’t dig it quite as much as The Silver Gymnasium which is one of the most joyous albums I’ve ever heard.

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Ha! Just bumped the “Away” thread because of this news. New song is “nice”, great build towards the end.

Hope I can get to see them live this year. Only ever caught festival sets (both at EOTR), and really want to see them on their own terms.

Urgh! Koko! 10th October. Really not keen on Koko. Still, needs must…

they barely play here. always just London it seems :frowning:

Last album was really good. Think i’ve already said it but them and Shearwater seem to have a one good album-one bad album thing that runs opposite timeline wise

New song is dull

Not feeling this really, and was really unmoved by the last two albums.

Of the last few albums, I liked I Am Very Far and The Silver Gymnasium a lot, but thought Away was a bit too lifeless. I’ll give this one a go anyway.

You definitely won’t like this one by the sound of it, he says it sounds totally different to Away

Think I just liked the vibe of the last un more than anything. Call Yourself Renee in particular sounds incredible

I liked Away more than Silver Gymnasium but both didn’t do much for me.

I put these in the same boat as Tindersticks; bands who I fucking love but whose output is now always a bit disappointing. I don’t think OR will ever hit the highs of Black Sheep Boy and The Stage Names again, but that’s ok because I can still listen to those whenever I want.


I agree OR have faded somewhat from those glorious earlier records, but Tindersticks I still think are putting out great music.

A lot of people do, but their newer stuff bores the tits off me. :man_shrugging:

Haven’t listened to them for years but i liked ‘Down the River…’ quite a bit. That run of War Criminal > Velocity > Dead Faces > Maine Island Lovers is top quality.


Will Sheff doing an acoustic show at the Slaughtered Lamb on 26th March. Tickets on sale at 10am tomorrow.

Save me one please, DiS!

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Tickets on sale. Got mine. Can’t wait for this.

Sold out in 5 minutes, FFS. Was busy trying to get Jon Hopkins tickets which went on sale at the same time, which I thought would sell out faster :confused:

That was quick! Pleased I got in there then. Also means I can forget about the Koko show. As much I’d have liked a full band show, I really don’t like Koko. This is a good compromise and there’s still a slim hope of EOTR.