Okkervil River


DICE have just emailed saying that my tickets for the Will Sheff show are no longer valid. The concert doesn’t appear on their listings at all anymore - I assume they didn’t have an allocation for it. Massively disappointing as it’s sold out :frowning: if anyone has 1/2 tickets they can no longer use closer to the time I would really appreciate a shout


Gutted about DICE’s fuck up. Will think twice about buying tickets through them in future.


Well, that was pretty special.

Wonderful evening spent with Will Sheff last night. Got there early enough to get a seat and a table, which was a MASSIVE result, AND they had Buxton’s Trolltunger on tap, which I bloody love! Was a marvellous way to start the night. Will came on at 8.30, finished at 10. Again, really desirable gig timescales, more bands should do this. Played all the “hits” (Lost Coastlines, Red, Unless It Kicks, Pink Slips, For Real…) and the new stuff sounded great. Particularly one about having a tracheotomy as a baby, with a wonderful Waterloo Sunset refrain. The only downside to the evening was his sound guy, who was really distracting as he kept falling asleep. Thought he was going to fall off his stool.