Okkervil River


DICE have just emailed saying that my tickets for the Will Sheff show are no longer valid. The concert doesn’t appear on their listings at all anymore - I assume they didn’t have an allocation for it. Massively disappointing as it’s sold out :frowning: if anyone has 1/2 tickets they can no longer use closer to the time I would really appreciate a shout


Gutted about DICE’s fuck up. Will think twice about buying tickets through them in future.


Well, that was pretty special.

Wonderful evening spent with Will Sheff last night. Got there early enough to get a seat and a table, which was a MASSIVE result, AND they had Buxton’s Trolltunger on tap, which I bloody love! Was a marvellous way to start the night. Will came on at 8.30, finished at 10. Again, really desirable gig timescales, more bands should do this. Played all the “hits” (Lost Coastlines, Red, Unless It Kicks, Pink Slips, For Real…) and the new stuff sounded great. Particularly one about having a tracheotomy as a baby, with a wonderful Waterloo Sunset refrain. The only downside to the evening was his sound guy, who was really distracting as he kept falling asleep. Thought he was going to fall off his stool.



What’s the general consensus then? I really like it. A lot more glossy than previous albums, but the songs are strong, especially “Famous Tracheotomies” and “Love Somebody”. Yeah, very good, IMO


I can’t see it going down too well here, but I quite like it. Mind you, I wasn’t crazy about Away and I prefer this more upbeat (musically rather than lyrically anyway!) approach this time.


Very enjoyable…meaning that I’ve only ever not clicked with one OR record (The Silver Gymnasium…though I’ve gone pretty cold on I Am Very Far over the years). Agree that is unusually glossy…but it retains the free-form structure in parts that made (for me, at least) Away such a strong album. I’m finding that I’m a pretty big fan of this era of the band…at a time when they seem to be slipping away from people’s attention. I’ll probably get tickets to see them in October…can’t see them selling out.

Also, can’t remember what site it was…but they used the phrase “indie rock comfort food”…which is obviously a dig, but it does sum up why I’m still into them, I guess. Sheff’s lyrics never let me down.


Really like the Silver Gymnasium, probably my favourite post-Stage Names record. Struggled with Away a bit because it’s SO mid-slow paced, though I do like bits of it. With this one, it’s got some lovely slick pop songs but not much that sticks with me whereas I still love all of the first 2/3 of Silver Gymnasium


Pulled Up The Ribbon is very good indeed. the rest of the album passed my by a bit.

considering seeing them for the first time in October if i can be bothered travelling down to Dublin for it



These were really fun last night. Black was massive, worth the entry fee alone.

Did anyone go to their Manchester show? I see that they played A Stone - would be interested to hear if it was a reimagined version as much of the other oldies, or true to the album.


Caught them in Leeds and agree it was loads of fun. You are right about Black - his new band really nail that. It was a little surreal to see so many people jumping around singing along to it given the subject matter, but yeah, it was great.


Gotta agree about Black, was definitely the stand out from last night’s show. Just epic.

Was great fun. Wasn’t overly keen on the guitarist’s kind of staccato playing style, but that didn’t ruin things. Was a great gig and I got to hear pretty much everything I hope I would.


Dublin was a lot of fun, small venue, last night of the tour. didn’t get to hear Our Life is Not a Movie or The Valley but otherwise strong set, agree about Black being surprisingly massive.