OKNOTOK OK Computer 20th Anniversary mega-thread


yes please


get that insta’d, mate. mad likes!



Details now available:


“Man of War” and “Lift” - I seriously can’t wait for this now!


Not got the original LP on vinyl so might buy that.

As for the big expensive box, not for me. With the odd exception, I generally think they’re a waste of money (though with Radiohead if you ever wanted to sell it I’m sure you’d make that back easily).


That box would be really tempting at £60/£70. But £100 is a bit daft.

Excited to hear what will hopefully be a decent version of Lift. Wonder why they haven’t released it till now? Maybe they did try and re-record them but it never worked out and they’ve given up.


Normally I wouldn’t bother with the box version but this is my all time favourite album and I have all the other stupid boxset version of their other albums they have released so I can’t not get this one.


Fucking hell.

I mean really? I am not exactly sure I’m happy about this one.

£100 for an album I totally bought into 20 years ago. You fucks are where you are now because of people like me, quite literally.

Can you not just give us the three unreleased tracks and a download of this casette?


Aye, not a dig on anyone who does buy it. Looks very nice for a one off purchase


I’d been toying with the idea of getting this on vinyl, as my CD has a crack on it. I spent £82 in total getting the box set and limited edition vinyl of AMSP, so this is only £17 more than that…


I paid some ridiculous amount for the MCatIS super duper box set thing when that came out. I am a mug. but I do enjoy these things.

OK Computer is my favourite album, so I’ll probably attempt to get this somehow.


OOOOFT, £10 postage!!


The standard vinyl version is actually very reasonably priced.
Triple vinyl, gatefold sleeve, plus high quality downloads for £23 is very good (imo). Think how much it would be if it was an RSD release :joy:


There isn’t a price for the digital download at the bottom. Anyone know if it will be an ‘honour payment’ system or at least cheaper than anything else?

I think I’d just like those three tracks, tbh.


The CD version is only £10 so it can’t be dearer than that but no idea what it will actually be for the download only version.


Yeah, I guess so. Don’t really want the CDs at all.


Tenth anniversary re-release including 3 previously unreleased tracks:




ah fuck, I could do with not spending £100 on this…

Hang on, are the three unreleased tracks (I Promise, Man of War (Big Boots?), Lift) studio versions?