OKNOTOK OK Computer 20th Anniversary mega-thread

so the version that the band released has lots of chat and all the uncleared samples and stuff snipped out right? thats a shame, think that would have been more interesting. more of a window into their thought processes maybe. i mean obvs i understand why, but you know

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Is there much morally wrong with paying for the band released version and then going on a hunt for the uncut version? I’d say it’s fine personally.

I don’t think the band would mind. They probably cut the movie clips for copyright reasons. Don’t think there’s much else on there, although it might have different master levels.



Man o war was put forward for bond and it was accepted, initially. Later they discovered one criteria of a bond theme is that it had to be specifically written for the film. When they found out it was 20 yrs old it had to be withdrawn. The band said fair enough we don’t have anything. They later came back with Spectre which they’d just wrote but by that time it had been given to Sam Smith.

It was explained by Sam Mendes on Mark Kermodes film review I think.


I had no idea. How frustrating.

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OK I might he slightly off, wiki says Spectre was rejected stylistically. But I do remember listening to that interview and it doesn’t come across quite like that as he describes

Bet they wished they’d never played it back in the day.

This is more like what I remember

Really stupid rule that, has to written nonsense. Like how much has to be written especially?

It’s more annoying because the song is a great fit for a bond theme and it’s not shit

From reading that it’s because they wanted to put it in for the Oscars, so it’d need to be entirely written for the purpose (or at least for no-one to know it had been in the archive for a long time).

Yeah, that’s how i interpreted it too. Really annoying.

I think deep down, I’m just gutted there’s no version of this on the leak.


Anyway, Spectre was really bad so maybe it was for the best.

I like both the Radiohead and Sam Smith songs.

Spectre sounds great over the actual credits

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Finally got around to buying them so I could give them a proper listen. Started at the beginning. That first version of Electioneering on MD111 is really interesting with the doubled vocals and the ‘doing it all’ bit I remember reading about 15 years ago as being in live versions. Mainly I really hear a strong Neil Young influence.

Dunno if it’s new on there, but there’s a great Austin City Limits special from 2012 on Now TV right now.

Ed rocking a bold hat choice for it


Thom’s TKOL hat proving how bad it really was, I think.

Ed’s just always having a fucking laugh about something. Such an absolute dude.