Seems to be a thing now, looks shit to me though

I think they’ve been doing it in Germany for a while haven’t they? Americans love it I think.

Never been and never seen the appeal, and that’s speaking as someone who loves sitting around drinking booze.

Sit at a long table in Munich that you’ve got to get to at 10am because of the demand to get in the tent and drink beer while only being able to talk to the persons opposite, to the left or to the right of you and if you stand up you can’t get served. Do it all while listening to the shittest music and spending more money than you could possibly imagine. I don’t mean to be so DiS by slagging off something that others enjoy, but I genuinely cannot understand the appeal.

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I don’t like benches or beer.

Last time I was in a German beer hall. It’s too much juice.


Yeah, seems shit because of all the above really.
There’s plans to have a huge marquee in Brighton for this, no doubt dressing up etc.
I’ll allow it in Germany because it’s a traditional cultural thing, but when idiots do imitations over here it screams of organised crap.

It’s a lot of shite.
Shite beer, shite stodgy food GO AWAY

Only ever been to one on Hyde Park (Leeds) in 1997. Turned out it was a holsten pils thing and they were only serving steins of holsten.

Thought I’d stay for one. 3 hours later I was dancing on a table and chanting ‘holsten beer! holsten beer! we love the holsten beer!’

Assume it’s always like that.

edit: ie excellent.


Lederhosen and the full works.


A friend was studying in Munich so we went there for a few days, it was pretty good fun when you get absorbed in it, but I missed my flight and I was skint, so. Cba with all this replica UK Oktoberfest, mind

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its being going in Brighton for at least a year - last year looked pretty grim

They’ve been doing one in a big tent in Cambridge for the past few years, about ten minutes away from my house. I haven’t been.

I went over to Munich for it for my 30th. Had a bloody great time.

Also went to an Oktoberfest night at Tiny Rebel in Cardiff a few years back. Had a bloody great time.

Conclusion: I think I like it.


no, that’s just me and balonz camping. Sorry for the noise.

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Never been to Oktoberfest but would like to, though it does sound a bit stressful (especially having to get there really early to queue for a table).

I’ve done the spring festival in Munich though, which is basically the same expect on a smaller scale. I loved it. Just a great atmosphere, a focus on good quality beer… think separating the cultural aspect of it is difficult though, Bavarians don’t wear lederhosen ironically or anything, it really is a celebration of cultural pride and that’s where the great atmosphere comes from. British interpretations of it are always going to fall a bit flat I think, like when restaurants try and do Thanksgiving menus or something, it’s just a turkey dinner if you’re not actually celebrating it.

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Is it just in Munich, or do they do it in other cities around Germany too? I’m tempted to nip over on the weekend while it’s on to see what the fuss is about, but I’m on the northwest border while Munich’s south east.

never gonna go now

Mainly a Bavarian thing because it was originally to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig of Bavaria, but other places do it on a smaller scale because everyone likes an excuse to get drunk.


I’m not sure tbh. There’s a huge site with massive beer halls and food stalls and massively inadvisable fairground rides in Munich but most of the bars around seemed to be doing some kind of event as well. I’d be surprised if other towns and cities didn’t cash in while it was on.

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Ah ok yeah, wouldn’t want to do it in a knock-off version. If I’m gonna have any chance of enjoying it I think it’d be in the form where it was a genuine celebration rather than a one-dimensional glorified pissup. It was a big deal in Brisbane too, which made me roll my eyes so much I felt nauseous.

you can book in advance, and even if you don’t you’re able to wander into the smaller tents and find somewhere without too much bother*

|* may not be 100% accurate as the locals did tell us the year we went was less busy than usual