Old English Frīgedæg ‘day of Frigga’ thread

Thank god it’s TGIF Friday right lads? What’re your weekend plans? I’m heading to Beavertown for some beers on Saturday then a BBQ at a friends.

Today I’ll be mostly listening to LCD Soundsystem.

Frig off, mate.

Friggin’ 'eck.

In work early as the cats woke me up. Going to go for a big poo in a bit, then have a nice shower in our lovely new office shower.

Got a couple of ATDs coming to stay for the weekend so will take them walking in the dales I imagine.
Oh, and having a second viewing of a house tomorrow.

Ooft! Are you buying?

Weekend plans: n/a.

No penoid card games epsy?

Quite possibly. Weren’t planning on doing so for another 6 months, but a nice-looking place had been on sale for ages round the corner from us. So then I suggested we should arrange some other viewings in case we liked it because then we would need some properties to compare against. And just like that, we’re looking for a house - one of the others was well nice on first viewing…

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Where bounce this house
Where bounce you living now?

We are bouncing in Rawdon and looking to continue bouncing in Rawdon. Love the old soot-covered stone around here.

Rawdon’s really nice. Too $$$ for us though.

There’s an event tomorrow I could go to, but it’s a new game for me and most of my cards haven’t arrived yet. Also I’ve not played a single game of it.

It’s alright, I played penoid card games in the pub on Monday and last night, have got tournaments this Monday and next Saturday, and will have another pub session on Thursday. Also have a tiny plastic spaceships option on Wednesday.

I am a super cool human being.

So much penoiding.


I’ll be honest: this is a bit much even for me.

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Aye, it’s lovely around here. And pretty easy to get central. We’re currently in ‘Little London’ which is as quaintly old-school as it sounds.

Off to Singapore later. Quite nervous as it’s the longest flight i’ve ever done on my own but going on the largest passenger jet in the world and sitting upstairs so that’s quite cool?

Other than that i’ll just be shitting my brains out until I have to leave.




I have no plans for the weekend, apart from seeing King Khan & the Shrines, tomorrow night. I’m sure there’ll be a pub or two along the way though.

finishing up work about lunchtime as i’m heading down to biggar for a wedding, at which we’ll be glamping.
and i’ll be listening to lcd all day.

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