Old English

Let’s bring it back

Or get it on duolingo at least.

Look at this.

Wrætlic is þes wealstan, wyrde gebræcon;
burgstede burston, brosnað enta geweorc

This masonry is wondrous; fates broke it
courtyard pavements were smashed; the work of giants is decaying.

Please use this thread for any banal purpose

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Have you watched (I imagine you have) Art That Made Us on BBC/iPlayer?

Have watched two so far. Very interesting and a nice celebration of the less-celebrated bits of history.

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Thought this was gonna be about the dogs


I have not! But its one of 99 other open tabs on my phone to serve as a reminder. Will open it as a tab on my laptop now too

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I thought this thread might be about this GBOL


comes up a lot in rap songs which i always thought was weird. turns out it’s the american equivalent of special brew

Glad I helped promote it.

We went to stay with some of Emma’s relatives in Manchester a few weekends ago and had a very cultural weekend. Turns out she’s a fabric designer and he teaches what I do at uni, and has a lot to do with MediaCity. Went to the Lowry, the Imperial War Museum, that cool little market type thing where people work and sell their lovely stuff and the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Ate at Refuge, which blew my tiny mind. Jealous of where you live now.

Anyway yeah they said I should watch it and they were right.

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On a more serious note, I remember trying to read Beowulf a few years ago, and christ on a bike it was hard work (and I read War and Peace, and Moby Dick)

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Apparently I’d have spoken old west norse, which also looks cool

speaking of which, @inthedusk:eyes:

Olde Englishe


I finished it! I just felt too ashamed to post after so long

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my aunt and uncle had one of those when i was a kid. big fluffy gent.


We knew some people who had one, and every summer they would shave off all it’s hair, and it would spend a month or so looking really embarrassed until it got a bit of length again


Ah salford museum is cute, no visitors ever goes there - I’m very pleased you did. Next time keep walking out and you’ll discover some of my fave art Login • Instagram

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did you like the end and / or the entire endeavour? i think of it a lot more fondly now i’m not in the process of wading through endless pages of whale taxonomy

Ah that reminds me of my proudest discovery and literally no one cared

Probably time for another follow up tweet


I loved it but still disappointed that it wasnt an erotic bromance from start to end

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I liked studying stuff where you have the old or middle english on one side then the modern next to it, so you can have a wild stab at saying it aloud in the original with a bit of an idea of what it means