Old Fashioned Names That Are Due A Comeback

One of my friends has a nephew called Freddie, he refuses to acknowledge it as his name and calls him Keith.


I’m expecting Elon to turn up in the next few years.

Also looking forward to more superhero names to keep Logan company.

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James is not a 70’s name and isn’t due a comeback because it never left

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Bruce. We need more Baby Bruce’s in the world.

Almost a guarantee they’ll become a fireman or outdoors-y person in later life

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I reckon it is rarer than you think these days. I am quite a big deal on the 6 year old scene and don’t know a single James. There’s about 48 Arthurs and Henrys though.

In honour of Barry Chuckle

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what would you go for?

my old housemate named his son stanley

My sister gave birth to her 2nd child yesterday. In our culture/ religion they name a kid according to a number of initials determined by astrological stuff or something. So she heard back from the priest who gave her the initials ‘P’ and ‘T’, and my parents are coming out with some proper old fashioned old indian lady names. Its getting her quite mad, and I suspect they are doing it on purpose :'DDDD

Top bants

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Skim reading and thought you’d said Airbus, which would have been pretty fucking visionary


And his sister is called Skynet too.

According to the ONS, it hasn’t been out of the top 20:

(although I think Jimbo is the only one at his nursery)

Interestingly, Robert has dropped right off, barely scraping into the Top 100. That’s definitely due a comeback. Great name.

Huh, who knew. I know when I was at school, there were three of us in my class, but can’t think of any at all in my daughter’s world (age 6).

Glared for about 2 solid minutes at the screen, dumbfounded that significant amounts of people are naming their kid “Klan”. Then I realised it’s my bad eyes and the name is “Kian”, which I’ve never heard of before.

Ivor is a right solid name, that’s got to be due back in.




Not really relevant to the thread but there’s a computer repair shop in Inverness called Stormfront. Why tf would you call your company that

Uncle names are due a comeback. Gordon, Keith, Clive, Claud, Brian, Nigel, Kenneth. Not quite old people names, but will be in a decade or so. I know a kid called Archie which would have been unthinkable when I was in school.

Was coming to say Stanley. That’s what I’d name a boy. Stan the Man: definitely due a comeback.