Old film recommendation thread



It’s quite nice watching oldies for some reason, it’s like eating a top quality cake rather than haribo (top simile there). I’ll leave the definition of old up to you.

I’ve got midnight cowboy here, I’ll watch it later.


Sunset Boulevard


The Last Detail.

You forget how much films have changed. Especially the pace of them. This kind of meanders along in parts and takes its time. These days it seems films are (generally) much more ‘quickfire’


faster pussycat


In the Heat of the Night


Wild Strawberries


Star Wars


The Godfather III


It’s not considered the best one, but thats just me


Can I borrow this for my Internet dating profile, please?


of course! learn to play the ukelele first though


Marty for a great lesser known rom-dra-com (catchy right?)


Paper Moon


Double Indemnity
A Matter of Life and Death
Kiss Me Deadly


I watched Amores Perros this morning: fuck me, that’s a great film


North By Northwest


Bringing Up Baby
His Girl Friday
Duck Soup


Brighton Rock


The life and death of Colonel Blimp


Double Indemnity is excellent. Barbara Stanwyck is excellent. Sorry, Wrong Number is great too.