Old Forums - Now Archived

Hi All

Thank you for your patience, insight and feedback on what to do with the old boards.

As a compromise, I’ve hidden all replies and kept the original posts - so if you REALLY want to find an old thread or really want it removed from the web, Internet Archive is where you need to go.

For example
Fish Puns List Of Fish Puns / Social // Drowned In Sound
Archived List Of Fish Puns / Social // Drowned In Sound

There’s now a very clear message on the old threads that the boards are now over here.

We’ve also removed all user info from old user profiles to ensure they’re GDPR compliant after issues with a user.

Some of these changes will take a little while for the cache to refresh but for instance you can see my fixed user profile which has kept the editorial archive here:

Any other thoughts and ideas?

Here’s the old thread with your suggestions for reference:



Nice work, Sean. Hopefully this helps out in terms of costs etc. Definitely the right move.


We’ve already managed to bring the costs down significantly, just need to keep an eye on the rising costs of these forums as we’re right on the edge of their payment plan.


Also considering we’ve not published anything to the site this year or done much promotion, the traffic is holding up pretty strong.

These are the Google analytic stats since January

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One thing I’m quite mindful of is posting images, because I know external ones seem to be hosted within the boards webspace after being posted. Do these take up much space?

I’m now down to six threads and four users


1.1 million uniques? :grimacing:

this place is less anonymous than I thought.


Keep in mind most of that is just people googling for something, finding an old thread, and clicking away again.


We’ve changed this setting. I can make it so that we don’t even host the images too.


Uniques count the amount of times it’s been loaded in a browser in a certain time frame, so if you’ve got the site up on your phone, laptop, work PC that counts as three uniques.

Still lurkers but maybe not over a million :grimacing:

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600,000 of them are me and my polling bots


Do the forums look slightly different / wider since I’ve added the new footer or is it just me?

just you

I’ve moved the DiS mailing list across the Substack. If you’re not sure if you’re on the list (I haven’t sent an email for a few years) subscribe over here.

Feedback and things you’d love to see in the email welcomed.

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All good with these changes?

(Bumping got the week day crew)

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Hiyaaa! Obviously was never on the old boards, but pleased to see this has taken some of the stress off you Sean!

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