Old Kids Bikes



What did YOU have?


this was my first bike!!!

not this actual one.


i had some shitey no brand thing



First bike:



First bike I had was a Care Bears bike with stabilisers. Can’t find a pic of it. Also had these:

Also had this (not a bike, I know):


:smiley: !



yep something like this with the foam nut-protector

  • Roces
  • Bauer
  • I wasn’t cool

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First bike, Raleigh Blaster:

Second bike, Raleigh Mustang:

Third bike, Raleigh Activator:


Fucks knows, some generic Raleigh kids bike in lurid orange and yellow.


The Falcon bike was the last one I had for years after it was nicked from the back of WHSmith and turned up minus the wheels in the Nene.


I won a bike when I was 10, can’t remember anything about it other than it was silver and had blue and orange wheels.


My first bike, I was about 7.

It’s the baby version of the Chopper. This wasn’t mine, I don’t think there’s a photo of it.


First bike I ever had was a Raleigh Tomahawk - little brother to the Chopper

Appropriately enough my big sister had a Chopper that I was in line to inherit but she spent so much of her time doing kerby endos that by the time I got it the forks were bent back on themselves & eventually snapped

I switched to skateboards after that


Bloody hell, look at the lights on that Drifter! Amazing.



yeah i had a red and black one of these