Old Man Help...

Just doing my traditional end of decade phone upgrade. It seems sim cards are a lot smaller now. My old sim won’t fit in the new phone so they sent me out a nano sim. I’ve already lost it twice.

Anyway, the network says they can’t transfer my data over, the new phone won’t take the old standard sim else i’d have copied it onto the handset and over to the new sim.

What the fuck do i do? No way i’m spending New Years Eve writing down and typing in the phone numbers for all the women i know and charities i work for. What am i missing?

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28 isn’t old.

(I have no practical advice to give)

Just cut it so it’ll fit providing you dont need to cut the chip. Alternatively pick up a usb card reader for your pc (make sure your sim card is included in supported formats) or got to one of them dodgy looking computer repair shops

Slightly confused but I guess are you moving from an old Nokia to a smartphone? Because the only thing on the SIM is a load of phone numbers…but if you’re using an iPhone or an Android your contacts are on your account and it should just roll them over for you when you start it up. The SIM is just your phone numbers.

Have you looked at your new phone’s setup?

I mean I think my last phone just had to be held next to my new one and they NFC’d all the data over I needed. It was basically doing it all for me.

Alternatively, there might be a lead where you can plug your old phone into your computer to download your contacts from it.


Yeah if you can download to a ‘VCard’ then this can be uploaded to the new phone and just read in.

New decade, abandon everyone and everything you previously knew.


Thanks for the replies.

Managed to pair the phones with something called Bluetooth and it just wazzed all my numbers over.

Installed WhatsApp on the new phone but forgot to backup first, so that’s a shame as i’ve lost pictures of dead people and that.

I’ve got some old holiday pics and a few SMS (text messages) threads it would be nice to keep but can’t work out how to use the Bluetooth app for that. Does anyone know how to do this?

It’s fucking scary how everything’s triangulated, eh.

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Have you still got it on the old phone? Log back in on that and back up (I had to do this recently when changing phones, took several attempts and I was locked out of whatsapp for half a day at one point, but it eventually worked).

need a new phone. sick of carrying around a power bank just to use my phone.

roughly how much can you negotiate off a contract? last time I did it, it was weird because I had a discount with my work that kind of did the negotiating for me. how much could I get off a 24 month jobbie? fiver?