Old people* things you do

*Stereotypical, lighthearted please.

Obviously if I sleep funny it can wreck my day now (hardly helped by lack of much else exercise wise other than walks since the turn of the year) but what things do you do that maybe you didn’t used to? or have you always done that is considered something that an older person does?

Big sigh as I sit down

  • Ahhhhh having a lovely sit
  • silence

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groaning as you get up

  • hnggg, right best be going
  • I am perfectly silent

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Sitting with a blanket

  • Yes I am cold
  • No thank you

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Have a joint that is just ‘like that now’ and/or is effected by the weather 'oh this weather gets right through me

  • yeah my left knee, my right hip…
  • might as well be coated in WD40

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Saying “right then” before leaving somewhere.

  • Right then
  • Wrong then

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Big fan of steved’s profile pic under the ‘silence’ options

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  • Knitting
  • Notting

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Put your back out a bit every time you have to lift something heavy

  • Ooh me back
  • I’m fine

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I have developed the habit of saying, “Ah, sitting” in a pleased tone of voice whenever I sit on the sofa


Not ‘a’ joint, but ‘many’ joints.


Blanket on my lap for about eight months of the last year of wfh :heavy_check_mark:


Yes but only my elbow that I broke being cool and young while skating

(Last year, at the age of 33)


Left knee and right hip are both true for me (surgery on the hip innit)

Also right shoulder gives me some real issues sometimes

Warm up exercises/stretches before attempting to put on a sock
  • Imperative
  • What?

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Not every time, but enough to worry that I’m going to end up like my dad, who now has to leave all the heavy lifting and clambering through the loft to my mum.

Afternoon nap (unintentional)

  • Oh I must have dozed off
  • I’m wide awake throughout midsomer murders

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More than ever before I feel like I’m cosplaying as an adult in lockdown. Sometimes I have a glass of wine in the evening just to feel like a responsible adult with a job. In my head I’m about 23, not helped by the huge gulf in maturity and life milestones between me and everyone I’ve worked with at my last 2 jobs.

  • I am an old soul
  • I am a young soul

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Go towards and stare out the window the moment anyone goes past

  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Neighbourhood What?

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Have to put on my socks before my jeans, otherwise I’ll give myself a hernia

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I live on a relatively busy road, I’d never sit down if I did that!


I came back from quite a long (for me) bike ride the other week and spent ages trying to get my jeans off. I assumed it was just my inflexibility, but afterwards I realised it was because I’d forgotten to take my cycle clip off.