Old shows no one else is watching at the same time as you: a niche thread

Given I’m always watching a show circa 30 years after it aired, I thought I’d make space where I can go ‘oooo, wasn’t expecting that’ just into the ether.

If you’re also watching 90s tv or something feel free to come on in and say ‘i just can’t believe that ending!’

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Im binging Everybody Loves Raymond on All4 (on day 3, theres so much). Does that count?


Wish I’d started this when I was watching Cracker or something but that time will come again.

Right now: Band of Gold.

I guess watching this in a binge doesn’t help with the passing of ficitional time but S1, E5

Carol’s breakdown arc came and went pretty quick, didn’t it?

One minute she’s attacking a guy then she’s in care and out again with about 3 minutes.


Of course - if you want to comment on it then please ditch your commentary here

(I rewatched Alive the other night and one of the actors in that has the exact same voice, and a bit of a look of Ray)

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I watch it on channel 4 every week day with a coffee before work.

Kinda want to be ray, don’t do anything, fit wife that always forgives me


Really tempted to rewatch a Big Brother series again


He does live a blessed life.

Although Robert is very moany, he does have a point when it comes to his parents favouritism of Ray and I feel kind of bad for him.

Someone bringing you home cooked italian food everyday as well.
Sack off the kids and i’ll have his life in a second.

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Love this. Hate watching shows at hype time. Love bumping old threads about shows people have fond memories of, but forgot the details about.

That Sharp Objects thread the other day piqued my interest enough that I’ll probably watch this at some point over the next 6 months


The food always makes me hungry. Also really want to try cannolis thanks to it (still have not).

“yo mrs B are those your world famous cannolis”

“sure Gianni, help yourself”


‘hello Raymond’


“Frank!! you’re thinking of Harriet Lichman again, aren’t you”
“Goddamit Marie”

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Bought a Columbo box set at CEX a couple of weeks back to get me through the winter. Haven’t smoked in four years and the times I had cigars were vile but he rocks it.


how old does something have to be to qualify for the thread please @Scout

Pretty sure nobody else is currently in the middle of watching every season of Hell’s Kitchen.

No rules

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very slowly making my way through Girls for the first time, but as in watched S1 and S2 three years ago and have watched half of S3 over this year

might finish it around 2030


We’re on a ‘Grand Designs’ kick at the moment but someone else is definitely always watching it.

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