Old style 60s stereo not being removed in remasters



How do people feel about this?

I realise the Beatles basically used it as a money making opportunity by making the MONO versions of their stereo albums into highly expensive things but really, that old style 1960s idea of stereo where you just had one instrument in one speaker (more or less) does my head in on headphones.

Was just listening to The Stooges after seeing the trailer for the film and I had to stop midway through I Wanna Be Your Dog because it’s too distracting to have the guitar in one side. Turns out there’s a remaster and I had a quick listen on Spotify. It sounds GREAT…except the stereo is still fucking batshit.

Shouldn’t they sort this stuff out?


Definitely. The Beatles remasters sound really clean, but the early album stereo splits sound horrible on headphones. Can’t believe they didn’t bother remixing them.


Try this ‘life hack’

Purchase, or otherwise obtain, a headphone splitter and 2 pairs of earphones.
Sellotape the left and right earphones of each pair together.
Plug into your preferred music player.
Widen earholes.
Pop earphones in and press ‘play’.
Instant mono.


It works amazingly with Gimme Danger (the track not the film) though


The wors part of the I Wanna Be Your Dog remaster is the drums the added in


Don’t ruin this.


I registered to the whole Beatles back catalogue on headphones recently, everything before magical mystery tour sounded terrible because of the fake stereo


Eleanor Rigby is really weird in that the vocals switch from both ears to one ear mid-word at the start of the song