Old supermarket snacks you are rediscovering

I cannot get enough of these wee lads right now.

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not as good as salt and pepper cashews though

Dark chocolate digestives

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please don’t talk to me about snacks


Gold Bars, Blue Ribbands and Rockys.

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Gold Bars are astonishingly good.


Combo mix!

Let’s talk about snacks baby

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instantly want snacks now.


Bloody love these atm.

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Awww I used to get them with philly on top when I was wee. might get some today and some different flavoured hummouses for the lad’s snack after nursery.

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Supermarket own brand onion rings.

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Oddly, salted peanuts here too. Dont think I’ve eaten or bought them for about 15 years until recently.

Also Finn Crisps with hummous are back in my snack portfolio.