Old Timey Thread

This thread isn’t really the sort of thing that I’ll enjoy so I’ll be taking a backseat but for those that wish to do so, please have a nice time in this thread pretending that it’s an Old Timey Thread so you get to talk like a prospector or maybe you can be like a Jane Austin character or something like that.

Like I said, it’s not for me but please enjoy yourselves anyway.

say, the rootin’ tootin’ Gold Rush isn’t for another 4 months!


often think back to when championship manager was fun

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Remember DVD players? That was a long time ago.

Just so you guys know, this is how they told the time in the old days. I’ve posted it in the OLD TIMEY thread. Just so you know.

this thread should really be titled Ol’ Timey Thread, the d is a bit modern, and dare I say it, a bit highfalutin’



Sent from my Commodore 64

Could somebody please make it look like this computer is displaying the music board

You know what. I’m old enough to remember pre-internet life and yet I haven’t got a clue how we ever did anything. Like how did we book a holiday*? Or how did we own people on the internet when there was no internet?

  • I think ceefax was involved in this.

Also how did we ever arrange ANYTHING without mobile phones.

Total mystery.

(is this good content for the thread Ant because I have more?)


My secret vice is googling old 80s home computer systems.

Pictures of the Acorn Electron or Dragon 32 are my porn.

As I said, this isn’t a thread I’ll be actively participating in. However, I’d say this sort of content is probably for a different thread to this one (I was banging on about booking holidays pre-internet the other day as well, sometimes you had to actually go into a shop to buy one. Well weird)


My dad had a Dragon when I was proper small, the only thing I remember about it was typing in the code for games manually?!? I don’t know if that was actually a thing though or just a totally fake memory.

To know what was on at the cinema you looked in the local newspaper. Crazy


you would buy magazines that had HUGE code listings (often with errors) in the back for you to type in by hand.

you could also buy games on tape and disc and cartridge


to find a tradesperson you would use the “yellow” “pages” which was actually a big book printed on yellow paper!

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This makes sense, as my dad was notoriously tight. Thanks!

(Lol at “with errors”. Would they be minor or game breaking ones?)

I remember it round here when it was all just fields


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