Old Timey Thread

I got an actual phone book delivered to my building recently. I had no idea those still existed.

Gucci syndicate Heigh, Ho!

Lilliam Pumpernickel, Heigh!

Gucci syndicate, Ho!

Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, (Gucci syndicate)

Expended a decad of a certain currency in order to acquire a series of linked metal loops which purpose is intended for contemporary fashion,

My wench has an obsessive passion of abusing Benzoylmethylecgonine,

I fornicated with a wench, I failed to bethink her appellation, Heigh!

I simply would not acquire a marriage ring for a wench, Ho!

I would have preferably depleted my acquired currency for products of the Balmain luxury fashion trademark,

Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate, Gucci syndicate,

The codeine cough syrup which is in my possession is of higher value than that of your landlord’s monthly tariff, Heigh!

Thy mother is still occupying herself below a tent, Ho!

I am hitherto trading psychoactive narcotics commonly known as marijuana aboard commercial express airborne transport vehicles, Huzzah!

Me including my grandmother consume medicines purposely intended for recreational drug use, Ho!

Absolutely none of the matter is old-fashioned according to my perceptions,

Fornicating with my facilitator, pronounce the situation as education,

Purchased a few products of the Christian Louboutin consortium of fashion distinguished by its crimson sole, the said products are consumptive in terms of valuable currency,

Curse thy air services, curse thy business,

Wench, thy exhalation odour is equivalent to that of tobacco products,

I would prefer to fornicate with a wench whom occupies the low-cost, government funded economy residences,

They dismissed me from a commercial flight due to the possession of a single oxycodone pill,

At the time directly following the present moment, Lilliam Pumpernickel is navigating a private rapid airborne transportation,

Each and every human being in this establishment cries “curse WestJet!”,

Lilliam Pumpernickel is hitherto participating in the trading of methamphetamine,

One hundred thousand dollars worth of ornaments equipped around my wrist where at the same time I am taking small mouthfuls of promethazine hydrochloride intendedly brewed as a recreational beverage,

Fornicate with a petite wench, cause her vulva to damp,

Lilliam Pumpernickel, Heigh!

Lilliam Pumpernickel, Ho!

eeee, that takes me back…

Is this what you were after Ant? Maosm and his petite wenches?

Usually if you stay in the Old Town of a city it’s quite nice and there are a load of bars and things. We booked somewhere in San Diego’s old town, forgetting that America has only been there for about 5 minutes, so instead of it being all ye olde and interesting it was a load of re-enactors dressed as soldiers from the Mexican-American war trying to show us how to blow glass.

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I mean, like I said. This sort of thread isn’t for me at all. I really can’t stand stuff where people pretend to be Old Timey but, now that I’ve made this thread, I’d have to say that Ma0sm is using it as intended (for better or worse)

I’ll thank you to stop drawing me into this thread now, please. I’ve stated many times that I will not be actively participating in it and it’s starting to piss me off having to come in here to respond to stuff.

You weren’t tagged though, so how did you know you were being talked about?

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^Never been to Swindon

Just keeping an eye on the early stages so I can be confident to leave everyone to their own devices once everyone is into the swing of things.

Again, I cannot reiterate strongly enough how little I want to be taking part in the thread though.

I had a job interview there once, it was nicer than the rest of Swindon. Wasn’t exactly devastated I didn’t get that job though.

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Well good day to you sir! And with that I doth my hat!

Ok thanks mate. I think I’ve got the gist now.

You get yourself off and I can keep things ticking over here. Sorry about all the fuss.

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Ant - would this be the place for a bit of chat about old silent comedy? Harold Lloyd, Chaplin and all that?

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Buster Keaton.

Won’t be actively participating, but happy to critique content in line with your intended vision for the thread?

Good one

The correct verbiage is ‘doff’, ye hedge-borne cumberworld!

OK I’m out too

Jesus Christ.

No it’s very obviously not a thread to chat about old silent comedy is it. If you want to talk about silent comedy I’d be genuinely delighted to do so elsewhere (and I’ll be banging on about Shaun the Sheep Movie: FARMAGEDDON as a result) but it’s so blatantly obvious that you shouldn’t be doing it in an “Old Timey Thread” that it concerns me to see you ask a question like that.


NoahVale doff protest too much.


I gift the community a thread entirely selflessly and this is the sort of bullshit I have to put up with?

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