Old TV shows you've watched for the first time in lockdown

What have you been finally catching up on?

I’ve been watching Buffy, The OC, Office US, New Girl. Now finally watching RPDR All Stars 1 (and as expected, it’s dire).

Fleabag - excellent
Schitts Creek - completely benign but perfectly watchable
Catastrophe - good but absolutely caustic, can’t really do more than 2 episodes in a row

Watched the first episode of Seinfeld. Didn’t realise it was all on 4od


My life is now a good 15% better for it

Also started Chewing Gum finally, though only done one ep and it’s hardly actually “old”

Watched this too, good binge fodder.

Also the Sopranos. Going to start Succession this week.

I watched season 10 of Masterchef Australia, it was good
Watching Narcos, it’s very pretty but it’s become a bit of a slog
Started RuPaul’s drag race from the top, about to finish season 3. It’s very good ‘please switch off, brain’ TV

Oh yeah I started Chewing Gum too. I don’t think it’s really my thing though - cringe comedy isn’t really my thing (I can deal with it being part of a show, like the Office, but not the whole thing)

Twin Peaks - started with the original series, now halfway through The Return. Wasn’t quite what I was expecting at first but pretty hooked now.
Buffy - started watching along with E4 but fell behind. Halfway through S2 and took a break, will come back to it. It’s v good fun.

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You’re in for a treat, seasons 4-6 are the golden years (I don’t care for season 4 much but 5/6 are spectacular)


huh i can’t stand cringe at all, it makes me physically … cringe, but Chewing Gum seemed fine so far to me. Time will tell

Her trying to be sexy with that neighbour at a party wasn’t cringe to you?! It’s one of the most unwatchably cringe things I’ve seen

Sopranos. On season 3 atm

ralphie is not a very nice guy, imo


might start Seinfeld soon


Line Of Duty S1-S5
The Fall S1-S3
Collateral (4 episodes)
Mindhunter S1

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I think I find OTT unrealistic cringe fine, I just know it’s a fictional character doing something unlikely

something like the UK Office is impossible for me because David seems almost plausible as a real person, and so I find it so much easier to imagine meeting someone like that, and how much I’d cringe in real life

I guess it’s like how I find watching graphic murder in horror films fine, but I can’t handle anything involving teeth or toenails as it seems more “real”

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Watched A Perfect Spy. BBC LeCarre adaptation from the 80s.

Wasn’t what I was expecting really - a wider story than other LeCaree stuff I’ve seen (never read his books).

Very good imo, seemed very relevant as it is basically about a conman and the impact that has on his family. Made me also wonder if there are other good films/tv about conmen.

Ah fair enough, I think I’m the other way round - I can’t bear unrealistic cringe because it’s not rooted in any reality. Realistic cringe is still hard but it’s a bit easier comparatively.

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Storming through The Americans at serious pace.


I think its missing a couple of seasons

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Is this still on Prime? Could really go for their wonderful brand of great drama/shitty wig synergy.