What’s the oldest of each of these things that you know or own:

Thing you can see




Sorry, misunderstood the thread.




Poor reading comprehension skills, possibly.


Person (know): Great Uncle Wyndham
Belonging (know): Fossils
Joke (know): Why did the sea creature evolve to survive on land? To get to the other side.
Thing you can see (know): The earth
Dunno: N/A

Great thread


Thank you for saying that


don’t think I know anyone over the age of 70

and dont think I own anything old than I am


Shut up Epimer you nob


Person - woman who lives across the road from my parents, think she’s 93 or something
Belonging - not sure, there’s an old thumb dictionary my Granda had which looks very old, maybe that
Joke - I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright noooooowwwwww
Thing you can see - right now, probably the sun
Dunno - neither do I, tone.


Sorry, misunderstood the thread.




Bapa turned 80 a couple of weeks ago, I own a watch that belonged to my granddad but I think he probably got it when I was like 20 or something so it isn’t old enough to be referred to as “a watch that belonged to my granddad” despite that being true.


abuelo turned 80 today. I had never realized cus I grew up with it, but apparently my dad and grandparents sound like this when they talk english (according to my atd that I live with)




In Bow? Near the flats?




He shouldn’t be doing that dyslexic business :grinning:


Person - my nan is 98. Saw her on Sunday. Great bunch of nan :+1:
Belonging - got some Cumbrian green slate which is 500 million years old :open_mouth:
Joke - What’s brown and sticky? Poo.
Thing you can see - Am in a super new office building, surrounded by other new office buildings. Literally cannot see any material item that looks more than a few years old :unamused:
Dunno - me neither m9


Person - a close family friend who helped my relatives during the war, she’s over 100 and lives in the middle of nowhere
Belonging - my toy rabbit purchased for me by my mum when she was pregnant with me
Joke - knock knock ones
Dunno - bonus one is Thomas the cat I met at work experience who was born in 1986 (this was 2004 tho)