Olive Oil Thread

  • What do you use?

  • Do you have a fancy one for dipping?

  • Do you have a shitty one for cooking?

  • Other oils

  • Chat Encouraged.





Gone away from using olive oil recent and into cold pressed rapeseed oil for cooking instead.

No olive oil for dipping. Used to used whatever generic stuff was on offer for cooking.

Sesame oil for stir fry

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Has anyone had this?

Used to sell this at work (M&S). Is stupidly expensive and had reports back from customers that it’s not worth it.

Whatever’s on offer.


Blended olive / sunflower one atm, plus a spray extra virgin shit one.


Not really an olive oil person.

Genuinely a product where the amount of variety baffles me. Just need one dont you


i just buy whatevers cheapest, whatever i get my housemate uses half the bottle for his chips anyway


Gone up a bit hasn’t it? Cheers Brexit.

Sesame and vegetables

The fanciest olive oils I buy are souvenirs from Mediterranean countries

Olive oil for cooking. Extra virgin for the driz (Idris) and non cooking related shiz.

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pharmacist yesterday was suggesting we could use Olive oil when massaging our baby’s blocked tear duct after using sterile water. It sounds like a recipe for hours of screaming baby tbh

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I use Filippo Berio because I like singing the jingle
I use this weird Bo’s own half and half thing or sunflower oil for cooking
I only ever really use olive oil to prepare a marinade for shawarma
Not a dipper really unless at a restaurant

I’d like to take you to Bella Italia. Maybe in the West End and then a show?

A really lovely sentiment. Will the show be a musical though?

We can talk when they are singing.


Love this stuff. Makes my fried potatoes nice and yellow.

It’s great

I don’t agree.

One for cooking where you’re not gonna taste it. One for nice tasting or salads or pasta.

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