Oliver Dowden - Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport & Flags 🇬🇧

I hope a journalist asks him; Do you think it’s more important to protect symbols of the past instead of contemporary culture and the industries of the future?

I stupidly listened to this interview before going to bed last night and got really angry - and almost feel sorry for him being so out of his depth and a useful idiot to people who want to stir up the nationalism at the heart of the Brexit vote

Can anyone help me figure out whether his has given out money in a way that’s fair to their industries? Music industry and film business seem to very short changed. I made a start with this thread https://twitter.com/drownedinsound/status/1408674959048708101?s=21

Also I’ve been compiling this thread about how little the government has done to support artists with brexit visas and related stories https://twitter.com/drownedinsound/status/1393892524297703431?s=21